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JAO - Asphalt / Concrete Products

JAO Corporation

Manufacturer of
Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant

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Seal-Gard Concrete Rebuilder
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Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant
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JAO Corporation is looking for qualified contractors to apply Seal-Gard™ products

Contact Information
Telephone - 307-632-5234
FAX - 307-634-9625
E-Mail: sales@seal-gard.com
Postal address - 3414 Polk Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001


Asphalt Sealant Uses
(Non Coal-Tar or any other hazardous materials )



  • Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant helps your business look clean and well maintained.
  • For safety, Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant is formulated to help protect the environment and add a non-skid surface.
  • Protects your asphalt investment and saves you money from future expensive repairs.
City and County Streets


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  • Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant is a cost-effective sealant that protects asphaltic streets from deterioration.
  • Fast drying time enables streets to be closed and reopened in a minimal amount of time.Beautiful results without any chips or sand to clean up.
  • Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant with its safety and durability standards is the number one choice for city streets, school systems, government and municipalities.

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  • Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant jet-black color helps pilots see the runway during daylight and nighttime landings.The sealant's color helps melt snow and ice quickly.
  • Seal-Gard when formulated with JAO 4242 helps retard deteriation of asphalt from fuel spills.
  • For porous friction coarse asphalt use Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant ARS Type 1. (Call for Information)


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