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Seal-Gard Asphalt Sealant
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Asphalt Sealant General Information


Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant is a elastromeric asphalt emulsion concentrate, blended with select mineral fillers for use as a protective coating on all asphalt surfaces.


Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant is completely compatible with new asphalt paving and with the asphalt curing process. Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant seals in asphaltic binders and shields pavement from oxidation caused by ultraviolet rays and prevents loss of fines in the asphaltic concrete. On older paved surfaces, Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant fills in the voids left by the spalling of aggregate and fines.


Surface shall be free of all dirt, sand, oil or grease. Repair all existing potholes and prefill all cracks wider than 1/4". Grease spots must be scraped or scrubbed off. Asphalt that is saturated with grease or oil should be removed and replaced. Dilute Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant with water up to 25% as required to provide a workable consistency. Up to 8 pounds of clean silica sand may be added per gallon of diluted Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant for use on very rough surfaces. If applied with a broom or squeegee, pour sealant onto surface in wide strips and spread with a soft wet broom or squeegee to a uniform smooth finish. Care should be taken not to leave ridges of material. Two applications should be applied, the first coat being dry to the touch (approx. 1-3 hours). On hot days a predampened surface (allow no standing water) may be helpful.


Approximately 3-4 hours depending on relative humidity, temperature and air movement. Traffic should be kept off newly sealed surfaces for 24 hours. DO NOT apply when rain is imminent, or in temperatures below 50 degrees F


Use clean water before emulsion has dried. Dried emulsion may be removed with petroleum solvent.


Seal-Gard™ Asphalt Sealant is warranted to be of merchantable quality and suitable for the general purpose for which it is intended, when applied in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.




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